Biden Won Hearts and Minds, Fails Purity Tests

So once we get past that anyone but Sanders is “the establishment” used as an insult, we can reset and heal as a party. And a force for good.

At least in my mind, there are SO MANY policy goals that overlap between Sanders and the Democratic Party that we can jettison the most nastily partisan of both sides and get down to actually improving people’s lives. Once we get past Sanders, period, there is a lot that can be done without destroying the only political party that actually, currently, stands in the way of Republican chaos culture. (Which is odd when you think that conservatives used to like very little to change, but they now think breaking systems down is the only way to get better. Odd right?

Biden? He’s definitely my choice now. But he was not my first choice by a long shot. And that’s OK, because progress is a thing, even if it’s not as much as you want it. Civil Rights protesters managed to deal with that reality. And their case for justice was far more clear.

We have people and forces like Chapo Trap House who at least forthrightly say they are not part of the Democratic Party so feel no obligation to support it. I tried listening to some of their shows. They’d sound reasonable right up until the point where they didn’t; where they’d throw out insults just because they knew their usual listeners needed it. They were prisoners of expectation, too. Except far less sympathetic.

Many of these purists = who I do not think of the same as idealists – they just whine and bloviate and offer no solutions beyond adding poison to the conversation and, yes, support Sanders you [insert insult eagerly here]. How thoroughly convincing.

Let’s see what they next few months bring. Hopefully sanity and compassion. And an actual functioning president, other than the Oval Office occupier we have now.

LEGO: Lord Horrness

Best Personality Quiz

I’m an I’m an extrovert who is increasingly an introvert who needs to try new things to be happy.

Look at my art project…

“…It’s a masterpiece.” 

“And i used many scissors to open the box.”

Bigger, Higher Bed Move

Jasper, what’s it like now you’re in a big bed?

Jasper as of this evening moved out of his crib / bed where he’s slept all his life and moved into the lower bunk. The “bigger bed” he’s been wanting for awhile. 

Except being the nearly 4-year-old contrarian that he is he protested mightily that he didn’t want that bed. Jack did the same thing moving up from the bottom bunk to the top bunk.

“Ittttttttt’s like watching TV amd wrapping presents.”

Jasper then proceeded to act like he was on meth, speed, green bullets – any kind of stimulant or all kinds. He started singing jingle farts and then his butt provided the chorus.

Eddie is on the floor in a sleepimg bag at least one more night until we find the twin bed mattress. 

Love these kids.

It’s a Long Way Home

I slipped under the sheet at 11:49 in the same worn bed. In a new bedroom with a new soft light glowing on the walls. 

We’ve moved and after many hours and one final trip for medicine and toiletries in the 10 o clock hour I kissed my bride good night and relaxed in the bathroom. 

And I had a bath. I don’t think I owned a smartphone the last time I had a bath. No maybe that’s not true. At our house on Magdalena I think we attempted one. But it was too small for the likes of us so it was short. 

The cats are wandering around, clearly  befuddled and bemused. And meowing loudly and climbing in cupboards and elsewhere.

The dog is taking it in stride. We ate Wendy’s chicken sandwiches and nuggets and drank lemonade and unsweetened iced tea. Our three boys are randomly patterned in sleeping bags in their new home. 

There is still much to do; essentially to go get the clutter. Right now our house is sparsely, wonderfully, barren. A large house with vaulted ceilings. A house I don’t hit my head on chandeliers and low door frame tops. A house with hallways I can walk down without turning my body. 

A house of opportunity and restarting. 


Today Jack G pitched

Jack pitched his first inning in NYS baseball today. He was more in control than some of the pitchers we tried. 

But first coach said he was going to pitch in the third inning. Standing up there though he got intimidated and wouldn’t pitch. That’s alright. 

After they got off the field I told him that the first time doing ANYTHING is always hard and that whatever happened I’d be proud of him. Since he tends to get a little down on himself when it doesn’t go exactly according to his wishful thinking plans, I also told him that he is going to miss and he is going to get balls but he’ll also get strikes. I told him to just work with his catcher and have fun. 

Turns out that’s exactly what happened. His first pitch was a good one and someone got a little bloop hit; enough to get on first base. Later, after there was already  two outs, someone hit it up. And it was easily catchable. But being young kids and three people going for it at once nobody did. And then when someone had secured the ball and could have got the third out perhaps he just held onto the ball (which happens a lot).

But he was definitely having fun. I got a ton of pictures. Most important, it seemed, was that he went back out there and overcame those initial nerves. 

That was a blast and I got tons of photos, which I will add later. 

Rogue One Movie – The Pain With Carrie Fisher’s Last Line

Days after Carrie Fisher died at 60 of a heart attack her last line about hope can be taken several ways   But my first reaction was, hmm I guess not. 

It was poignant and incredibly sad to hear that, knowing both she and her mother died in the same week. As people contonually find out, sometimes “hope” just doesn’t carry the day – especially when that’s all that you’ve got.

I like movies with a lot of story so I really liked this one. I might watch Return of the Jedi sometime soon (this year), as well. It basically explains why there was such a massive flaw in the Death Star. And the body count of StormTroopers is high. Very high. 

We all saw the movie today with Mom at the Regal Cinema in Oceanside (screen 11, 3D) and enjoyed it.

Last Christmas – George Michael Dies Young

‪”I’d say love was a magical thing. I’d say love would keep us from pain. And I don’t live. And I don’t live.”‬

George Michael has one of those voices that get inside your heart with ease.  His beautiful voice ended much too early today on Christmas Day.

2016 really has been an annus horribulus with so many icons dying – and my wife’s father – and the truth of American politics and people revealed as shallow and reactionary. 

Careless Whisper and Last Christmas were my two favorite George Michael / Wham songs. Father Figure, Faith and Freedom were up there, too. As well his voice is distinctive and the highlight of Band Aid’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – perhaps the best charity record of all time. 

Don’t ever say it can’t get any worse because often you will be proved wrong. Greatness comes in overcoming troubles, pain and chaos. But all that still has to be endured. 

Carry on. 

Aaaaand Done Wrapping

It’s only 20:00 so that’s about 6 hours ahead of my normal Christmas present wrapping schedule.

Now stressing about what time to put out presents and Stock Aitken and Waterman’s. 

Toddler Realism

Mom: Stop bringing the realism (talking to me about working at a Tucson glass company)

Jasper overhearing: Sorry mom that was me. 

Tree Obtained: Harper’s Nursery

Other photos on regular camera. This is the disk from the bottom of our tree.

Update. It’s in our home and looks spectacular. 

Just Read … Can’t Breathe

Just read “Where The Wild Things Are” so well to Jasper that I can’t breathe.

So he’s “reading it himself” while I cough take pictures and cough and type and still can’t breathe. 

Now is the Time

Sometime pre-2000 I was waiting for an interviewee on the Gig Harbor waterfront and instead of writing down quotes and my job I killed time by writing a few lines. 

I’ve thought about what I wrote without remembering really what I wrote. Except it was about the passage of time and whenever I moved and tried to pare down my possessions and piles of paper I kept all my reporter’s notebooks so I wouldn’t lose it. 

It must have been summer or early autumn in the Gig. On December 3, 2016 I found those lines. In a box full of some water-damaged magazines papers and materials from Gig Harbor days and Safford / Eastern Arizona days. 

In Tempe, AZ.

I glanced over it but will type it up ASAP for this blog. I also found some random other writings. So goldmine for the passage of time. 

(I celebrated with this brew which I have pegged as inspiration for writing about my three sons)

Just One Word Matters

So this is a chocolate cereal I bought for the kids. And they inhale chocolate like receivers suck oxygen on the sidelines. But they ate it once and then avoided it. Two weeks later i figured out why. When I bought this I missed just one word (can you find it?)

At the (Movie Theater) Bar: Beasts

We are at the AMC movie theater with Kiran, Ellis, Eddie, Jack and Jasper. to see, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Here’s where we found one.

[Update later that day] – So that beast couldn’t sit through the whole movie without moving around the theater. First he climbed into the row in front of us. 

An empty row.

And while many of us reclined the seats fully and kicked our feet up Jasper went down to the row prsssing the buttons to recline every single seat.

He started walking around the empty area at the side and calmly walked up to the emergency exit door. He stopped, reached up and hit the Handicapped button letting a flood of light in. 

That brought a movie theater attendent in to check out what was going on. To the best of my knowledge Jasper did not bring any of his toddler buddies. 

PHOTO: Sign of Troubles

Scandal Hookups Are Ridiculous

Every relationship on Scandal is ridiculous. Each is steeped in either forgiveness or expediency. The ideas of revenge or happiness or even what’s actually at stake are ignored. 

It makes the show too stupid for even a guilty pleasure. It all makes the show a farce because what fails is the idea of a love so strong to make all the anguish worthwhile. Instead it’s lust and that can be found and extinguished almost anywhere. 

So the first lady just hooked up with Andrew, the Vice President to be. I turned it off last episode when they were laughing together and clearly getting buzzed. I hoped it would be a one time drunken fling but now they’ve just been caught giving and receiving a blowjob by Millie’s daughter.

It’s called Scandal so obviously much of this should be expected. At some point, however, all this guided-by-the-loins crosses the line into soap opera territory. 

When that happens you stop caring about anyone. 

So Olivia and the president – stupid, too much at stake. They keep saying love but it’s just not. Even the Vermont house just screams showing off rather than a true desire for a future. 

Name any couple (ing). There should be more hate and loathing but instead there’s just passive acceptance.

I was moved to watch the show while listening to the West Wing Weekly podcast. It’s co-hosted by Joshua Molina who joined West Wing in Season 4. And he joined Scandal in Season 1 and struggles to maintain his white hat status throughout.