Fluids, Internally and more

First couple of drinks tonight after about two weeks. Vodka and sprite and vodka and pineapple juice (from can of pineapple for stir fry). Oh and the heat seems to be broken in the house. It got down to 58° last night inside. It might actually stay warmer with the fans off.

Um I’m calling landlord tomorrow, telling them I’m just past surgery and too cold = slowing recovery. Which, you know, may actually have some truth.

House-sitting day after Christmas. Could make it hard to get home for Christmas. Need to break it to mom gently.

Thanksgiving. About 90% sure it’s with a group of friends, same thing I did last year – Tweetsgiving. Gonna try and cook something up this time, though.

Freaking a close friend out. She thinks I’m sicker than I am. Or rather, sicker than I’ve been letting on. And, yeah, maybe I am. Trouble is, I don’t know but she wasn’t happy with news of my “blood bag” and staples and why I stayed in hospital so long. It’s good she cares because she tends to give off the vibe of not caring. Which can be a little rough.

Having trouble catching up on everything I want to do. Just getting little snippets of dreams cut off the whole cloth rather than grabbing the entire bolt and wrapping myself in it.