Internally Fluid

Fluids from inside my body.

After yesterday’s half day, today was my first full day of work and my side hurts a little more than it has been. Finally got Percocet tonight after not having any pain killers. A lot of people say get good drugs. It’s not my mindset. I avoid anything I don’t need along those lines. But doctor yesterday said I should be coughing and prescribed it.

Still weirded out by the whole thing. Wanting this “blood bag” and stitches out, so I can get to sleep not on my back and wear tighter shorts instead of the loose ones I wear during day and night.

Doctor said I was still draining too much to take it out.

I showed my “blood bag” at work just to a couple of guys and they PHA-REAKED out. It was strange and so funny.

The drain from inside ‘ve been calling “blood bag.”