Verb: Hate

Since I am spending way too much time thinking about love I should write about hate. Hate is less painful to me now, ironically.

Raw hate. It’s a strong word; many people recoil when you say it sounds like they hate something. “I don’t hate anything,” they say, in what is assumed to be a good Christian posture to love thy neighbor and thy enemy – doubly so if they’re the same.

Others just don’t like people to believe something can dig into their heart, their brain that much to illicit such a strong, dark, murky, burdensome feeling.


It’s easy to hate evil. It’s harder to hate the smaller things of life that others might call peeves. If you add up your peeves though, you can get a good dose of hate together. Small things can and do grow from their bitter seeds to bitter hate.

It is best, I’ve found, to let hate go through rage. To let violence in your head dissipate through action. But only at the inanimate, which can absorb feeling because whatever it is has none of its own. To let violence transfer to the animate, to the living, is to weigh further your burden with the disease of cowardice. That is unforgivable and needs a cure much more than hate, which just needs a direction and an outlet and can be a force for good as its exiting suction pulls the evil out.

Kids say, “I hate you” to their parents. Yet kids are often deemed the epitome of innocence. Which I would agree with. So their feelings of hate are just as valid as their feelings of confusion, love, greed and pouting self-pity. In fact when we say they’re innocent we are usually saying they have a disregard for sin because they do not know what is sinful. (Truly though, the Bible says the Lord hateth these things (“sin” Proverbs 6:16–19) so where does that put the conundrum?)

I resolve this day
To do all in my power to resist evil and to do good.
To fulfill all the responsibilities of my state in life faithfully.
To observe kindness and honesty in all contacts with my fellowmen.
To preserve complete purity of soul.
If I should be tempted to evil, I will repeat in my heart the words, “Do what is right; Be right; Be cheerful!”

I kinda don’t like that quote. But I sure don’t hate it.
OK, lunch break over.