Woke Up Early, Music Was The Day

Ok, really to be honest I didn’t go to sleep. I can do that often, don’t do it often.

But about the time 4 a.m. rolled around I started playing music that started out slow, reflective, wonderful, beautiful to know where I’m playing Ke$ha’s Blah Blah Blah and rocking out and rawkus and wonderful and (ok slightly less) beautiful but rocking smokey.

And I’m just about to consider buying Susan Boyle (yup) and Pearl Jam and OK Go’s new ones.

Music … Without dissonance it lets my thoughts dance and hookup; those thoughts that develop and are born in the quieter times.

“You’re looking like a tool, not a baller. you’re acting like a chick. Why bother? I can find someone way hotter with a bigger .. weeeell.” Kiss N’ Tell, Ke$ha