Tattoos, Stompers and The Underdog

Start with a place to create music, The Underdog Studios (their MySpace if you must, it just slows my computer down now)

Mix in a band, The Nadas, I keep on forgetting about who also happen to use the Internet well for livestreaming sessions. Which I’ve never watched. Can I take a few moments to say a band’s Web presence is something I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever oh and ever think about. I find music I listen to it. Sure the occasional video, but just no. More of an observation of medium and how it really doesn’t have to all coagulate into one big mess all the time.

Multimedia is often just unnecessary sensory overload – a necessity to appeal to as many people as possible, who all respond better to the sound or the look or the visual aesthetics. Necessary for that but for music the sound, the straight skill and joyfulness of the sound, is most important.


And then there’s TATCo. Design, which as well as celebrating tattoos also puts those actually-on-somebody’s body-designs on T-shirts.

Pretty sweet.

And then a place I need to look around more had the Stomper shoes. And just like a pair of Sassy shoes I saw before Christmas I can think of at least three – but mostly one – people who would love them.

Connections? For sure. Most of these are advertisers for Arizona’s RockALong Productions, for which I have no affiliation, or affection but plenty of affection. All in a all a concentrated collection of worthy advertisers.