Sonics Gate Documentary Watch Here

Sonics Gate is a film that tells the story of how Washington and Seattle government took a hard decision in the face of getting boldface lied to by the new owners of the Seattle Sonics.

Clay Bennett, an Oklahoma businessman, bought the Seattle Supersonics NBA basketball team in 2006 and he pretended to want to engage the city and state governments in a sincere effort to want to stay in Seattle. But he made it fairly clear through his demands that he wanted no such thing.

Subsequent statements revealed through good journalism made his intentions more than clear his intentions. Those statements revealed truth.

I’ll know more about Sonics Gate the film when I watch it. I found out about it through Twitter/SonicsGate a few months ago but have never watched it. The group, Seattle Supersonics Historical Preservation Society helped bring the documentary to life.


Sonicsgate SD Full Version from sonicsgate on Vimeo.