Posting From iPod Touch

When you update your Touch manually there’s all kinds of guessing you have to do. For instance, a window pops up and tells you if you continue with Sync of, say, Applications or music it will delete the files in your iPod. What it doesn’t tell you is whether if you hit OK on that window it starts deleting them right away.

So if you’re smart you don’t. Or if you’re really smart you’ve done it enough to know it won’t sync yet. So I copied music files to a borrowed back up external hard drive and I proceeded.

But then you try and sync Applications specifically and it doesn’t seem to work as it’s supposed to – again asking and warning you that some Apps will be deleted except perhaps the ones you’re trying to delete.

And somewhere in the middle of me doing all of that it suddenly went into backup mode and took a good 20 minutes to backup what I had. Which luckily by then was devoided of any and all music with the aid of a little free patch / program called ExPod.

I have no idea where these backup files are now. I have no current idea what my password is to change that setting. Throughout all this, of course, the thing I’m worried most about is Photos. If they disappear it’s going to be very very very painful. I took screenshots of some things for specific reasons and those are all in my iPod photo library.

And at one point when I thought I had the hang of syncing Apps it suddenly asked and warned that my photos were currently synced with a different library and all the ones on the iPod would be deleted. Seemingly out of nowhere for no reason it asked me that. I stopped trying there and so I may have to manually email or post more than 800 pictures so I know I won’t lose them.

A little screwed up Apple and I don’t say that very often.

The only silver lining in all this is that while the backup was taking its own sweet time my idle hands deleted spam on this very blog (This is not as yet time consuming as it can get) and remembered that I had to change an XML source in my blog settings so I could post to my blog from my free WordPress app.

I changed settings and now I’m posting from my iPod Touch. And even sweeter is that it looks like I’ll be able to set up a few local drafts even if I don’t have a connection.