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DNA Shoah Project – Was Reminded

I’ve heard of theDNA Shoah Project but was reminded of it today.

Posting here mainly to remember again later.

Gummy Get Well – Good kids’ Vitamins

No idea if we sell, them, but they’re tasty. Tried a few earlier today. Worm and bear gummies, wit fiber or multivitamin:

Gummy Get Well™.

Frozen Mountains of Gelato and Ice Cream

Call it enforced research. I’m eating ice cold and soft things due to wisdom teeth removal and the $$$ that went into my mouth.

It’s tender. It aches. It’s not as bad I thought it might be. It is still bleeding slightly, even now at the end of Friday.

Ice cream.
Frozen yogurt.

The basics.

I ate three pints yesterday on a day off. I’ve drunk more water today and only had two.

One of those I downed today was a pint of a quite delicious “non-dairy frozen dessert” that I didn’t know was non-dairy. Made from cashew nut milk, it’s pretty damn good and rich. Made by Organic Nectars, I had the Cherry Chocolate Chunk (and just sort of swallowed the small chunks without chewing). Note I’m pretty sure we don’t sell it at Sprouts, where I work. Have absolutely no idea if we will or not. But it’s good…

So the research comes because, as well I do freelance work, and I will likely be designing some gelato labels. It’s on spec with a different department right now, but ….

Throwing Playing Cards

Hurl playing cards 50 feet, fling them hard enough to break water balloons, or even embed them into aluminum sheeting!

2005-2010 UNOFFICIAL SXSW Torrents

In 2007 SXSW released an official torrent of songs showcasing the bands that had showed up. I’m unclear whether this is the same official list (though 2009 does have the same 737 number of artists so that’s a good sign), though the page here presents itself that way. archives going back to 2005.

In other words, a music lovers overdosed overload — UNOFFICIAL SXSW Torrents.

Big James At Blues Blast, Mesa


One of many many many photos I took at the Phoenix Blues Society’s Blues Blast Feb. 27 (and the Rhythm Room the night before). The rest are coming along.

This here is Big James of Big James & The Chicago Playboys on stage on the trombone. Photo is uncropped.

About That ‘French Surrender’ Thing …

A nice link – The Fighting French » About That “French Surrender” Thing .. brought to me by miquelon on Twitter.

Ruth A. (Temple) Anderson – An Artist With My Name

There is an artist with my name, sort of. I have an extra name in there and surprising to many, who’ve never heard me I’m not a woman.

Ruth A. Temple Anderson – Fulton and Broadway with St. Paul’s Church – Artwork details at artnet.