Frozen Mountains of Gelato and Ice Cream

Call it enforced research. I’m eating ice cold and soft things due to wisdom teeth removal and the $$$ that went into my mouth.

It’s tender. It aches. It’s not as bad I thought it might be. It is still bleeding slightly, even now at the end of Friday.

Ice cream.
Frozen yogurt.

The basics.

I ate three pints yesterday on a day off. I’ve drunk more water today and only had two.

One of those I downed today was a pint of a quite delicious “non-dairy frozen dessert” that I didn’t know was non-dairy. Made from cashew nut milk, it’s pretty damn good and rich. Made by Organic Nectars, I had the Cherry Chocolate Chunk (and just sort of swallowed the small chunks without chewing). Note I’m pretty sure we don’t sell it at Sprouts, where I work. Have absolutely no idea if we will or not. But it’s good…

So the research comes because, as well I do freelance work, and I will likely be designing some gelato labels. It’s on spec with a different department right now, but ….