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Coming Home from Home: Tucson-Phoenix playlist

I drove from Tucson last night, cruising for two hours listening to .. well, no bum notes. It hit the best of several bands, and coming home from a very special day with Carrie (yup, midweek; today is when she flew in from Montana (via drive to Spokane and layover in Denver) it just truly fired – on all cylinders .

Not all music plays well when driving, when cruising or when trying to stay full of energy.

With the window down, the playlist was.

Metric – Lou
Soul II Soul – Back To Life
The Might Mighty Bosstones – Someday I Suppose
Lily Allen – Back to the Start
Madonna – Secret
The Donnas – Don’t Break Me Down
The Raveonettes – Wine
The Airborne Toxic Event – Some Time Around Midnight (timely)
Lacuna Coil – Our Truth
Tor / Sufjan Stevens – The Tallest Man / I like it
Will.I.Am – I got It from my mama
The Gits – Precious Blood
Deftones – My Own Summer
Love Me Nots – You’re Really Something
Ke$ha – TiK ToK
Flyleaf – All Around Me
Lacuna Coil – Spellbound
Lisa Stansfield – All Around the World
Justin Timberlake – Senorita (Thick Dick Mix)
Barenaked Ladies – One week
Social Distortion – Ring of Fire
Lily Allen – Nan, You’re A Window Shopper
Surfside IV – Surfari
The Airborne Toxic Event – Wishing Well
Karen O and the Kids – All Is Love
The Gits – Rose (Live)
Incubus – Drive (I Swear)

And after I got home and closed the door, it continued.

Johnny Cash – Cocaine Blues
Prince – Sign of the Times
The Gits – Italian Song
Poe – Hello
The Raveonettes – Gone Forever
Deftones – Teething
Bassnectar – Heads Up
Cake – Never There
Sade – Bring Me Home
Ben Harper – Walk Away
Rademacher – On Yr Marks
Paul Simon – Homeless
Scars on Broadway – Serious
Deftones – Shove It
Jane’s Addiction – Sex is Violent
The Gits – Social Love
Rehab – Last Tattoo
Love Me Nots – Shuffle
The Gits – I’m Lou
Poe – Angry Johnny
Bassnectar – Kick It Complex

Cool Air Brings the End

So I thought it was the cheap glass of wine I had earlier in the day that was getting me all headachy. Turns out not having any air circulate in my place gets the temp inside up to 76. Just right for a PHX native perhaps but hot to me I just wasn’t noticing.

Kicked on A/C and on less than 10 minutes the headache is almost gone.

That’s a good thing. I need to drink more than the half cup of Coke I’ve drank all day otherwise.

Things I Drank Today

No water. I rinsed my toothbrush with vodka ;-)

At Work
Vidration Vitamin Enhanced Fruitpunch flavored water
Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness (not their best flavor, thought I would like it more)
Numi Organic Tea (moroccan mint (damn good).

Took My Breath Away

(Notes of a beginning)

“With every kiss I love you more, whether on my cheek or theirs.”

That one made me tear up in a big way. Took my breath away.

The lead up. A Saturday spent together, with a SAVORLife HIV/AIDS fundraiser and four hours at the Sidebar, with the end of the Blood Mission challenege to drink only water as my only beverage for 40 days.

Stayed the night. Carrie’s kids came by in the evening of Easter, to say hi, to play.

Carrie said they got on tyhe highway from her father’s place (where her sister Nancy lives too) and Eddie said, “I thought we were going to see my friend, Temple.”

“We are, Carrie says.

“Oh, OK.” big smile.

And Carrie had txted me, now a good time to drop by? Which I missed and she called instead. I saw the text right after they left – 19:06 on Sunday) and I replied, “Yes, drop by again – you’re not too far away :D Hope Eddie had a good time.:

New text: Xxx

New Text: One x for each person in your SUV.

Carrie’s text: “With every kiss I love you more, whether on my cheek or theirs.”

I teared up. That is such a perfect thing to say. It hit me hard in a very good way.”

And I read that AFTER I called mom, to wish her a happy Easter. I ended up on speakerphone, where I wished, Mikayla, Michael, mom, Melissa and Jen, wished them all a happy easter – and then told them about Carrie, about her being my girlfriend (which was the first time I had used that word, she already seems so much more) being over here, and Eddie and Jack being over here, too.

Second time, Eddie has said, as we kissed lightly in front of him, “mom, is he for your pleasure?” Classic.

Weekend Summary

“You’re too much – and I can’t get enough.”

Yes, pretty much sums up the entire weekend