Took My Breath Away

(Notes of a beginning)

“With every kiss I love you more, whether on my cheek or theirs.”

That one made me tear up in a big way. Took my breath away.

The lead up. A Saturday spent together, with a SAVORLife HIV/AIDS fundraiser and four hours at the Sidebar, with the end of the Blood Mission challenege to drink only water as my only beverage for 40 days.

Stayed the night. Carrie’s kids came by in the evening of Easter, to say hi, to play.

Carrie said they got on tyhe highway from her father’s place (where her sister Nancy lives too) and Eddie said, “I thought we were going to see my friend, Temple.”

“We are, Carrie says.

“Oh, OK.” big smile.

And Carrie had txted me, now a good time to drop by? Which I missed and she called instead. I saw the text right after they left – 19:06 on Sunday) and I replied, “Yes, drop by again – you’re not too far away :D Hope Eddie had a good time.:

New text: Xxx

New Text: One x for each person in your SUV.

Carrie’s text: “With every kiss I love you more, whether on my cheek or theirs.”

I teared up. That is such a perfect thing to say. It hit me hard in a very good way.”

And I read that AFTER I called mom, to wish her a happy Easter. I ended up on speakerphone, where I wished, Mikayla, Michael, mom, Melissa and Jen, wished them all a happy easter – and then told them about Carrie, about her being my girlfriend (which was the first time I had used that word, she already seems so much more) being over here, and Eddie and Jack being over here, too.

Second time, Eddie has said, as we kissed lightly in front of him, “mom, is he for your pleasure?” Classic.