Public Karma

This morning a man on a bus was struggling to find change to get on the bus. A man in a ice shirt, pants, but young, giving off the air of first big job, first ay at work. I doubt that was true, but still, he was turning his pockets, taking to the driver.

As i looked up again, he asked if anyone had change for a $10. “I don’t but I have a couple of bucks,” I said. The under my breath, muttering after the first pocket came up empty, “I think.”

I found them. Two dollar bills. He paid, passed me said thanks. I nodded. I thought about engaging him i conversation, but I really just wanted to read, so did the less selfish thing and did what I wanted. We didn’t exchange another word, but I know how my day would have been completely effed up to discover I’d be late for the reason of such a small triviality as not having the right change.

I had a work day. I left. took bus. Got off at Central and Camelback light rail station, and some people were obviously paying attention as they started jogging toward the tracks from the busstop. I walked, fast, but as I got right to the front of the train, the doors started closing. I sighed.

Then they stopped closing and reopened. I saw a Shamorck Farms strawberry m,ilk plastic bottle right in the way iof the doors, I walked on and kicked it out of the way.

We were underway.

KARMAI immediately thought of the morning and karma. Karma to me is ephemeral. It was actually part of my (thankfully) limited religious upbringing. My mom spent more time attending Theosophy Lodges (the Theosophy Lodge?) than any other religious institution I can think of.

And checking it up on Google, my interest is renewed. Wihout going into any of that, I’ve thought of karma as an energy. Power, electricity, thoughts, radio, come at you in negative and positive energies. I’m not sure how to define positive and negative at the moment, but you create good around you and good will come back to you. In decidedly unpredictable ways. As a building volume of energy it can attract other good energy. Electircity needs both positive and negaticve ions to exist, so the energy I’m thinking of works at a lower wavelength that can sometimes travel without reference to time. sometimes it’ll be months, years, sometimes instantaneous. Over time it may be counterbalanced by interveaning negative ripples.

Hard to explain, considering I just riffed the paragraph above.