Entrez Vous?


So this is a photo taken at about 7pm last evening. When I looked at the cellphone screen, I immediately thought of bright light; the bright light you might see as you die or pass onto the next plane of existence. And the sign in the bottom left hand corner I consciously put in the frame so there would be a pull and a counter-pull in the photo. To me a photo that says something beyond just what it shows is art. Simply evoking a feeling cannot make it art, IMHO, because it reflects only reality. The art therefore is in the existence, not in its capture.

Saying that, composition, certain angles of reality and lighting times can turn a photo into art. This is the first time I think also, that I have deliberately used the cellphones limitations and differences to make a photo. For some reason the Blackberry Storm really takes stellar pictures of the sky and sunsets. I’m going to do another first and try and make a print out of this 3.2MP photo. (This is a scaled down version)

Two other related images at the jump.