Opposite End Of The 50

This weekend was marked by change. And unlike so many things, none of it was change merely for the sake of change. Not shifting papers – shifting lives.

Carrie started her first day at work today, Bard Peripheral Vascular in Tempe.
Eddie and Jack started their first day in a new daycare.

I eagerly await the skinny on both. Carrie has the chance to organize and give permanent direction for a new department within the company, or at least within a division of it. I’m not exactly sure. The boys have spent their whole daycare lives in Tucson, so their change is profound. For Jack, 1, there will be confusion but not too many feelings beyond that, I’m guessing. For Eddie, 4, who has been there longer and can talk, and has established relationships with Miss Amber and Miss Elizabeth and friends, it has to be harder. But everyone adapts, and the younger you are, the easier it is – or should be.

You can’t go back; the inexorable, inescapable reality of time – for most mere mortals – is that it won’t stop for you to adjust; it won’t reverse itself for do-overs or to fix those things you really really really wish would rather have not happened. And despite everything that means, both good and bad, it can be no other way. If so, even then, people – of any age – would continue to fail to live in the moment. The push for perfection – where perfection is not needed – already holds too much sway.

There are new beds, new rooms, new stairs, new faucets, new ceilings, new reflections, new angles, new layouts, a new person more regularly in their lives – and four walls. It’s a world of change and they’re getting a big dose of it all at once.

You can’t turn around a life. You can’t retreat a living. It doesn’t do anyone any good.

Carrie moved to Scottsdale this weekend, and since Saturday has slept there; in a place well located to all that Scottsdale has to offer. New place. New job. New – me.

And I tend to downplay my own thing, but, yes, some serious adjustments going on, as well, in my peabrain. My brain has to be alert more during the off-work hours with two amazing children in the house; in my life. With a strong love growing every day; with seemingly everything equally important with equal priority, with me not wanting to screw anything up – and still figuring out what screwing up looks like in these new venues and situations, it’s adjustment that I would indeed wish on my best friends.

It means I’m neglecting some things in my own life to make sure things are going right in others. In very short summary it all means I’m learning, which is always good.

It means I’m now taking the bus on the opposite side of route 50.