Sushi A No-No

Yesterday we went to a sushi place in Scottsdale after Carrie picked me up at work. I want to go back

Egg Omelet, Philadelphia Roll, Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna. All chosen to be happy for younger palates. Carrie and I ate too many bites. Eddie and Jack didn’t eat enough. And Eddie REALLY objected to the idea and quietly and stubbornly faced away from the table. When he wasn’t doing that he was playing and dunking his nigiri-sushi in soy sauce. And dunking. And dunking. And dunking. Added tension to what could have been a fun experience. We knew things weren’t going to go well when Eddie didn’t want to bite into the culinary adventure and abject horror that is … a spring roll.


Mostly there was a kid having a bad day, who stayed silent and heard no a lot. It happens, unfortunately. Jack, too, didn’t eat much though he got into the egg omelet later. But he didn’t seem to be having a whole lot of fun, separate from the food at the table.

It was complicated.