Thanks, Mister Bus Driver

I’ve gotten resigned to the idea that buses will whoosh past me even if I’m close to the bus stop and clearly waving at them as a passenger that I want to get on.

It’s happened a few times.

So, leaving home to go to work – and after waving to everyone in the car as they went to daycare and work – I see the Valley Metro bus pull up into the left turn lane onto the street where I wait. I’m close to e corner. i half-heartedly jog to the corner as it turns, just pretty much as a token gesture. Yet it stopped. I bowed briefly, got on, said thanks you made my day better. And when I got off later I told him I really appreciated him stopping.

I understand that buses can’t stop everywhere; I understand that certain places are dangerous or unsafe to stop. And I did note down the number of the bus, but now I’ve forgotten it.