Found Camera, in Payson Park

There’s no way I can contact these guys without some serious input of time and possibly cash.

But on July 4, in Payson, after the fireworks were over, I found a camera in the grass. it was dark, it was a minor miracle I saw it.

Just glancing long enough to get some ID, for anyone looking for these photos the name Nathaniel Neddon has appeared. If you’ve searched for your name, I have your 4GB card. And just looking at the date modified dates, these photos cover a few years (which stuns the hell out of me because I download ASAP in case card corrupts or I misplace / lose my camera). So they really might be wanted. By someone.

Answer these questions.

1) Canon or Nikon
2) How many children in photo
3) Name of park where found
4) The mistake I made in this post