A Different Kind of Birthday

“Happy Birthday, Daddy,” big hug and a kiss on the cheek from 4-year-old Eddie. Jump on the bed and look at 1-year-old Jack in his crib. Stands up, stretches his arms out and throws his beloved stuffed puppy at me. Over and over.

And, finally, I made it back to be with my parents on my birthday – though I may not spend much time on the actual day. Had a family dinner at the tony Palisades restaurant Saturday and surrounded by love. Happy. Even with new contact lenses not in right, I had a great view of a load of smiling faces.

If you got through all that “icky” then I’m 39 years old. Don’t feel it, don’t care as long as things like the first two paragraphs are happening. People need fulfillment – in whatever way – for happiness and joy.

All the Facebook wishes make me smile – and really I have to leave now for Grand Coulee….