Thunderbird 3.1 Release Notes

When you Install ThunderBird 3.1 for Mac you get the following pop-up page. (BTW on my OSX 10.4.11 PowerPC G4 iBook)

What’s New in Thunderbird 3.1!

Thanks for choosing Thunderbird 3.1

What’s New in Thunderbird 3.1

We hope you enjoy the new features in Thunderbird. We have new search tools, tabbed email, message archiving, and hundreds of add-ons to make Thunderbird 3.1 all yours.

Easier to Upgrade with New Migration Assistant

Under the Help Menu, select the Migration Assistant to help you change your Toolbar layout and add features like Compact Header and Advanced Folder Columns.

Better Search with New Search Tools

The new Quick Filter Toolbar lets you filter your email faster. Filter your email by New Messages, Tags, people in your Address Book, or using search terms. You can also “Pin” or save a Filter and use it across multiple folders.

Type in your search term in the Global Search Bar and we will open your search results in a new tab. You can pinpoint what you’re looking for with Thunderbird’s filtering and timeline tools.

Tabbed Email

If you like Firefox’s tabbed browsing, you’re going to love tabbed email. Double-click or hit enter on a mail message to open messages in a new tab window. You can right-click on messages or folders to open them in a tab background.

Message Archiving

Clicking the Archive button or the ‘A’ key will archive your email. Archiving mail moves email from your inbox into the new archive folder system.

Personal Calendar
With help of the Lightning Add-on, you can now organize your appointments and tasks from within Thunderbird. Aside from storing your calendar on this computer, you can also subscribe to network calendars so you don’t miss a minute, even on the go.
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More New Features to Explore:

* Unified Folders
* Activity Manager
* One-click Address Book
* Attachment Reminder
* Hundreds of new Add-ons to try

For additional product information, visit the Thunderbird Home Page.