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Eddie, 5, Read Red Tractor

On October 12th, Eddie G. took about 12 minutes to read, Gold Stars – Red Tractor by Sue Graves. Carrie and Temple were on hand to guide him through some of the words; just hinting at sounds and so forth. He got a little frustrated when some words were introduced but also sailed through words we thought would be tough. But he did not give up.

It was the first book he read, having progressed at the beginning of his kindergarten year just over two months ago (started Aug. 10) from “readers” which were stories he could tell us with just pictures.

With emphasis on the first syllable this evening was – AWEsome!

This is what Eddie read:

Pg. 1
This is Red Tractor.

Pg. 2
Red Tractor helps the farmer on the farm.

Red Tractor can pull heavy loads in a wagon.

It can pull heavy things behind it.

One day the cow got stuck.

She got stuck in the mud.

Red Tractor pulled her out.

It pulled her out of the mud.

One day the horse got stuck.

He got stuck in the mud.

Red tractor pulled him out.

It pulled him out of the mud.

One day, the farmer got stuck.

He got stuck in the mud.

Red Tractor pulled him out.

It pulled him out of the mud.

But one day, Red Tractor got stuck.

It got stuck in the mud.

The farmer and the horse pulled red tractor.

They pulled Red Tractor out of the mud!

TASKS: Look back in the book. Can you find these words: Red Tractor, farmer, mud, horse, cow

Face of Foothills Magazine Competition

Not sure why – but Arizona Foothills magazine needs a face. Here’s loads of them in the competition. No idea the criteria.

PBS / NPR Attempts Investigative Journalism Save

This Newsonomics piece shows one model for trying to keep politically unbiased investigative journalism alive. Not only alive but thriving.

Shortcut For Distortion

Photoshop Play today.

Discovered a shortcut for distortion. When using Free Transform tool on a layer you can click Warp mode next to “Apply Transform” and “Don’t Apply Transform” buttons. Doing that enable real time all over warp from any of the anchor points or anywhere on any of the lines.