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FFFFFFFF reezing

Fuck fuck fucker fuck fuck fuckity fucked fuck fuck fuuck, it’s cold out there today.

Miserable, my hands, so cold waiting for the bus. The first time I remember being that cold – and that includes being waist deep in snow in Payson.

Soooo, cold.

Powerful Voice, Mariners’ Announcer Dave Niehaus Dies

Wow, I’m sitting here at work fighting back tears, successfully so far, though the sniffles are loud.

Found out a few minutes ago that Dave Niehaus died yesterday of a heart attack.

Wednesday night, a photo of Niehaus could be seen on the big screen from outside an empty Safeco Field. It read, “Dave Niehaus, 1935-2010.” His empty chair and headphones sat in the broadcast booth.

Seriously, that quote from the article about his … um, the tear is there coming out of my right eye, now wiped away. … death set it off. Why does all that seem so poignant, so damn perfect a tribute?

Dave Niehaus was a stand-up, good-hearted, trustworthy, smart person with a great awareness of the flair it takes to call a game He shared a passion with everyone hearing his voice and it came across with clarity.

I’m sure I heard him somehow when I went to my first game in 1978 or 1979, but I don’t remember. At college I heard him on the radio – must have been broadcasting the TV over radio? – in Eastern Washington.

Everything about the man’s professionalism and how he treated everyone around him is worth celebrating. One of the good people whose life lessons, whose career will remain a legacy.

I’ll read more later. There’s no crying in baseball. Right?

Foursquare Elections

I can’t quite figure out the utility of this map – except to show how small Foursquare really is in the world? Oh and 300th post y’all.