Powerful Voice, Mariners’ Announcer Dave Niehaus Dies

Wow, I’m sitting here at work fighting back tears, successfully so far, though the sniffles are loud.

Found out a few minutes ago that Dave Niehaus died yesterday of a heart attack.

Wednesday night, a photo of Niehaus could be seen on the big screen from outside an empty Safeco Field. It read, “Dave Niehaus, 1935-2010.” His empty chair and headphones sat in the broadcast booth.

Seriously, that quote from the article about his … um, the tear is there coming out of my right eye, now wiped away. … death set it off. Why does all that seem so poignant, so damn perfect a tribute?

Dave Niehaus was a stand-up, good-hearted, trustworthy, smart person with a great awareness of the flair it takes to call a game He shared a passion with everyone hearing his voice and it came across with clarity.

I’m sure I heard him somehow when I went to my first game in 1978 or 1979, but I don’t remember. At college I heard him on the radio – must have been broadcasting the TV over radio? – in Eastern Washington.

Everything about the man’s professionalism and how he treated everyone around him is worth celebrating. One of the good people whose life lessons, whose career will remain a legacy.

I’ll read more later. There’s no crying in baseball. Right?