Monthly Archives: December 2010

So What Don’t I Know About Groupon?

And what should I know about Twitter?

I’m cringing inside at the idea of Google buying something else – growing beyond its means, thigh deep in a culture that … anyway, I’m thinking Groupon? Sure, they get some $$$ from companies to highlight them, but how the unholy hell are they worth, first $4 billion and then – the latest figure I heard today – $6 billion?

Their scope is global, to a point. Coupons are a big deal to many people. But money that big usually doesn’t just involve networks. There’s usually a heavy weight of physical assets.

So, obviously Google could integrate Groupon into its Maps and its advertising. They can upsell in a big way. Compared to most of their latest efforts and acquisitions, it makes sense. And – I guess – they have to stay in stride with Facebook’s Deals and Places, though unless they kick it in gear Facebook’s design and lack of ease, will be its downfall.

But $5.3 or $6 billion is truly, really, a crazy figure for what is still referred to as a start-up. And there’s some doubt as to why.

And then I hear today, that the latest “bidding war” has Twitter valued at “just” $4 billion. The direction of this company is skyrocketing. They’re developing into a portal – albeit one that’s vastly different from the dinosaurs of the recent past. It’s core demographic is laden with cash that it likes to spend on shiny things. It’s a solid deal. It’s the real deal.

So why “only” $4 billion compared to Groupon’s $6 billion. Are Google owners just flashing cash like Saturday Night Live’s Roxbury boys?