Monthly Archives: January 2011

What’s Wrong


Even though a California city will be allowing a local Muslim community to build a mosque — despite protests from concerned citizens — a local pastor is holding out hope it won’t be built next to his church.

Aw, poor protestors aren’t allowed to be racist. Or infringe on the direct rights of other American citizens. A damn change. Damn. And a pastor brings out the best about his religion, the common good, tolerance and loving fellow human beings. That’s what pastors are for – to be the exemplars of all that’s holy here on earth. Or letting god decide all. Pastors who get political need to burn in hell; they’ve obviously already succumbed to demons, already. It doesn’t matter What Jesus Would Do – you aren’t Jesus and your failings are many, so don’t pretend. Sure feeding the poor CAN get political, but that’s what’s wrong.

Oh, and your hope is better directed toward people who need it, not fueling your misguided hatred and disgust at other creations of god. Anything you try to do is weighted with so much judgment, and disgust, it fails the humanity test.

The quote is the lead-in graf from this article. But hypocrisy and plain – no, extraordinary – not-smartity in the face of bigotry are what’s wrong with many who purport to follow any damn god out there.

And while we’re here, the last graf posits a false choice, as well:

The mosque, which would serve approximately 150 Muslim families in the area, has been at the center of a heated debate between those who fear the center will promote radical Islam and attract Muslims from all over the region who have a political agenda – and those who contend that the mosque will not encourage terrorism [are sane and righteous].

Religion is made in man’s image. This guy is ugly.