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#TeaGasm – Choice Organic Rooibos Superfruit Tea

Today I’m falling in love with tea again; stronger than ever.

Last week I drank some Apple tea from some name everyone’s heard of it. It smelled great, it tasted, well, bleh.

Today I’m on my second big mug of a Rooibos tea; the experience of which started with opening the box. Rich, deep, earthy. Eye-close worthy. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Can we have air-fresheners like this please? Why wouldn’t those sell, instead of the smells, obviously manufactured, and sweet enough to leave sugar crystals on your nostrils.

It all reminded me of a forest floor at the edge of spring and summer; a hot day that excites scents. Drinking the rooibos (pronounced Roy-Boas) tea made me feel connected to the very essence of nature, without the stumbling blocks of man-made artificiality. I had poured myself some machine-made hot chocolate to deliberately compare. I’m not exaggerating when I say the drink of choice I’d had before, now tasted foul in my mouth and I threw half of it away.

Choice Organic Teas, a Seattle company (go Seattle!), put together this tea. It’s organic and it’s Fair Trade certified. They describe it this way:

Thrill your tastebuds with this full-bodied blend of earthy Rooibos and tangy fruit. Grown in South Africa’s Cederberg Mountains, Rooibos has long been prized for its restorative qualities. Paired with fruit, this jewel-toned red tea is slightly sweet, full of flavor and sure to refresh any time of day. [caffeine free]

The ingredients: Organic FTC Rooibos, Orgnaic Apple, Organic Hibiscus, Organic Rosehips, Organic Orange Peal, Organic Schizandra Berry, Organic Orange Oil.

It’s this color: