Eyebrow Hair

There are certainly only a handful of truly satisfying personal feelings in the world. Those gilded moments that shine through the darkest hours are treasures almost incomparable.

One of those moments happened today. I was able to grasp at straws and pluck an eyebrow hair out with my fingertips. It’s a split-second of sharp pain, 20 seconds of residual aching throbbing and then it’s over.

Seize the stray if you will.

Personal grooming at its slightly less than finest. After all, if it was the same as the others it wouldn’t stand out. The others are fine but these hairs really bring character to what is already character-filled crinkles and shallow crevasses.

And today I pulled not just one but two blond eyebrow hairs. Today was a good day …. even though it’s now – at 00:15 – a new day.