Using LinkedIn: Annoyance No. 1

LinkedIn is still a little clunky, but has traveled miles in recent months in being more and more useful. This list, 13 Things That Really Annoy People On LinkedIn from Firebrand Talent, offers ways its USERS can get their ish together. Still, my no. 1 complaint , especially when using their great app, is the following:

Don’t be lazy when sending invitations to connect. I get really irritated when people can’t be bothered to write a customised message to me when asking to connect. It makes me think they’re just trying to connect to as many people as possible, rather than looking to nurture a professional relationship. Unfortunately, on some LinkedIn pages like on “People you may know” (and on an iPad and smartphone), LinkedIn sends invitations to connect, without giving people the opportunity to customise their message and without warning. Cringe! LinkedIn should fix this.

And my complaint is with LinkedIn, as it says. The app offers 16, 20, whatever number of people you might want to connect with. It’s a good list, and often useful. But then when it offers me the list I can only hit Friend or Ignore, without any further words. Or when you find someone, the button just says, “Invite To Connect” and when you hit the button, boom the invitation is sent.