Who Watches Video Online

I found someone else who isn’t that enamored by video as a source of news or buying and selling decisions. Amanda Vega posted at LinkedIn:

Everyone has their “I never pay attention to these” moments. And video is one of my rarities. I am not a huge video consumer. You?

And what got Ms. Vega thinking was a SmartBrief note about the growth of video in the U.S., originally found at TechCrunch (the ComScore stats cited there seem to have some significant issues / problems, though). The article says that about 50 percent of Americans watched 9.4 billion online video ads in September. If they count the Zynga ads, that has to be true because those start playing whether or not you want them to, giving you no choice.

She’s a marketer, too, and we both know (a lot of things and that) video is popular, that it accounts for well over half of all Internet traffic and that it works for a variety of reasons.

This is our limited exchange there, so far:

Temple Stark I try and avoid it. Especially when I want information such as news or what to buy. Words please.

Amanda Vega Yah, I think that everyone has their own preferred method of communication which drives their usage online. I am a words person too. That’s the reason I use Twitter WAY more than Pinterest, for example. And I am not a movie lover, so videos online don’t really resonate with me either. This is the reason the marketing mix continues to be so important, and why shifting dollars from one to another doesn’t always make sense.

And I would have added more there, but the LinkedIn app wouldn’t let me (maybe too long but I see no limit) so I’m continuing here.

Really when you think of why companies generally want to get noticed its to sell something or tell you something newsworthy about them. Video sure if you have the budget or want to be extra creative. But I’ll know 15 things about various companies and offerings while you’re wrapping up knowing one. It’s a way to get noticed or present something fun about your company or yourself. But whether I’m at work or at home I just blow past video usually. Which begs the question, who is watching and when?

And a significant part of the answer, of course, is people watch to be entertained. Marketing and entertainment cross paths as often as possible. But whether that’s entertainingly informative or just brain candy, is currently a mystery.

I’ll be looking for answers. Still there’s some unknowns out there. It’s worth noting that ComScore says viewership was down in September.