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Snag A Job


This URL seems unprofessional, but it actually seems useful in tracking all kinds of jobs right around where you live. Think of the commute time saved… What do you think?

Thanksgiving 2012 at BS Ranch

After launching a few rocket balloons, some getting stuck in trees and watching Uncle Ricky Rat and Shayla come back on their half hour quad trip I am just now sitting down with pecan pie and some delicious cake called Thanksgiving Dump, enjoying the rapidly cooling Punkin Center evening.

I’m listening to the chattering conversation of wife’s family and people I don’t know, with the sound of plastic bat baseball down below me and just now relaxing. Just now. A good day. Here’s a few photos from the day.










So I Guess This Needs A Title

Focus on past success when it looks like you’re on the edge of immediate failure.

– Temple, 11/13/12 (I just wrote this for something else.) This put me in mind of a joke I first heard about Margaret Thatcher’s career. When she became Prime minister we were on the edge of a cliff, facing great economic collapse. Since then, we’ve taken a big step forward.

Here’s the Kicker; An Exercise in – What-If

Sunday’s game wasn’t without drama. After both teams scrambled mightily for field position in the overtime, 49ers kicker David Akers missed a 41-yard field goal, a letdown followed by brief jubilation by the Rams when their rookie kicker, Greg Zuerlein, put a 53-year attempt through the uprights.That would’ve ended the game, but some lack of discipline by the Rams resulted in a delay of game penalty, and Zuerlein failed to make the ensuing 58-yarder.

– from the Christian Science Monitor

Light Rain in Phoenix while driving home Friday night.


Found Comfort


Dream and Icicle have found their favorite spot.