The Terms of Service for Zurker

Zurker is the Facebook alternative that honestly seems a bit gimicky at first, but there’s nothing to lose. The Terms of Service have been unchanged since Dec. 2011, to today:


Terms of Service

This document was last updated on December 1, 2011.


This Terms of Service pertains to the Zurker web application as provided via (hereinafter “ZURKER PROJECT”), the custodians operating ZURKER PROJECT including executive administrators and directors (hereinafter “OPERATORS”), and the registered and non-registered users accessing ZURKER PROJECT (hereinafter “users” or “you”).


If you do not understand this document to your satisfaction, do not use ZURKER PROJECT. This Terms of Service document has been designed to be comprehensible by anyone. YOU MUST read this document and understand it. The OPERATORS reserve the right to close the account and confiscate the vShares of any user as they consider appropriate.

The primary purpose of this document is to ensure that users understand that their accounts will be closed if they engage in abusive behavior.

Scope of Instrument

This document outlines the basic Terms of Service and the acceptable usage policy for ZURKER PROJECT, the existence of this document does not imply that the OPERATORS shall tolerate any type of activity not expressly covered by this document. While certain types of usage, behavior, and activity have been expressly prohibited herein, any type of usage which runs contrary to behavior deemed not acceptable by societal norms as interpreted by the OPERATOR is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Terms of Service.

The Operator reserves the right to modify the Terms of Service given herein without notice and without consultation.

Opening of Accounts

An account refers to the provisioning of data management application and certain functionalities pursuant to registration (the “creation of an account” or “signing up”).

  • No duplicates Duplicate accounts are not allowed. In other words, one person may open and/or use only one account.
  • No children Accounts may only be opened by users who have been alive for at least 567,648,000 seconds, or about 18 years.
  • No proxies Accounts may not be opened unless the web is accessed directly, without the use of proxy servers. However, proxies may be used to access Zurker after the account has been opened.
  • No transfers Accounts are non-transferrable. Accounts may only be opened if the specified criteria have been met.
  • Individuals only Accounts may be opened only for individuals. Accounts may not be opened for corporations, business, organizations, or groups – these may have a presence on ZURKER PROJECT in the form of “entities” but not as accounts.

Closing of Accounts

Accounts are provisioned by the OPERATORS for use by the users, but may be closed due to abuse, including but not limited to the following instances:

  • Duplicate Accounts Opening more than one account will result in closure of all the user’s accounts.
  • Fraud Attempts by the user to game the system and unfairly amass vShares, vShare credits, zurks, connects, or subscribers.
  • Enabling of Fraud Dissemination of information about gaming the system, or any other activity contrary to the spirit of the project and potentially detrimental to its success.
  • Spamming Uninhibited self-promotion and/or marketing attempting to milk Zurker for purposes of profit.
  • Intolerable Rudeness Repeated or prolonged offensive or unnecessarily discourteous activity either on ZURKER PROJECT, or in relation to ZURKER PROJECT on the wider web in general.
  • Trolling Repeated engagement of administrators or other users in prolonged arguments and discussions just for the sake of it. We will warn you ONCE.
  • Criminality Using ZURKER PROJECT for the planning or execution of criminal acts, such as but not limited to baiting minors, or fraud.

ZURKER PROJECT is designed to be an equitable, democratic platform for the benefit of all users, and any users undermining the validity of the project by their activities may face irreversible closure of their account without notice. While Zurker is intended to be open and enabler of freedom, it is the OPERATORS duty to prevent its degradation due to anarchy and abuse

vShares and vShare Credits

vShares are not shares, or stock. vShares are an agreement between the user and the OPERATORS that the user shall qualify for equity. As such, vShares cannot, technically, be “owned,” and the agreement between the user and the OPERATORS may be revoked in case of intolerable abuse by the user; in other words, vShares shall be forfeited in case the user’s account is closed.

vShares records shall be maintained by the OPERATORS until the establishment of an operating entity which apportions equity to all holders of vShares.


  1. You shall immediately desist from continued access to ZURKER PROJECT should the user not fully understand and agree with the Terms of Service.
  2. You alone are responsible for keeping your password secure, and you alone are responsible for your activity on ZURKER PROJECT.
  3. You may not use ZURKER PROJECT to abuse, harass, or threaten any individual, corporation, organization, or belief.
  4. You may not post or upload copyrighted material to ZURKER PROJECT or otherwise use ZURKER PROJECT to infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights.
  5. You may not use ZURKER PROJECT to defraud, deceive, or otherwise mislead any individual, corporation, or organization.
  6. You may not use the ZURKER PROJECT to libel any individual, corporation, or organization, or to publicize misinformation about any individual, corporation, or organization.
  7. You must comply fully with all instructions or restrictions imposed by any form of communication by the OPERATORS or their representatives, such as, but not limited to, administrative staff.



  1. For security purposes, the OPERATORS reserve the right to refuse service to the user or any other individual, corporation, or organization, at all times, without prior notice and without providing an explanation.
  2. The OPERATORS accept no liability whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, for the functionality, lack of functionality, service, lack of service, availability, or lack of availability of ZURKER PROJECT.
  3. The OPERATORS reserve the right to permanently and irreversibly remove information posted by a user, if deemed necessary and appropriate.
  4. For the purposes of preventing spam and activities that may be construed as spamming, the OPERATORS reserve the right to monitor, intercept, or delete messages sent via ZURKER PROJECT’s communication functionalities (such as “convos”), if deemed necessary or appropriate due to the presence of probable cause, without notification or explanation to the affected user. However, ZURKER PROJECT staff do not habitually or systematically read private communications.


The user may not upload any material to ZURKER PROJECT unless doing so does not infringe on a third party’s intellectual property rights. It is the user’s responsbility to ensure that the uploading or posting of information to ZURKER PROJECT does not violate any copyright. Users alone are responsible for the material they upload to ZURKER PROJECT.

Any information on ZURKER PROJECT, including but not limited to text, data, and digital images, may not be copied, reproduced, stored, downloaded, forwarded, or otherwise distributed, neither in whole nor in part, unless express permission is given by the user who uploaded or posted the information. No material found on, at, or within ZURKER PROJECT is in the public domain unless expressly stated.


Any direct or indirect usage of any form of information provided by ZURKER PROJECT construes acknowledgement that the OPERATORS are not liable for any consequences arising from the usage of ZURKER PROJECT. The OPERATORS provide no warranty, guaranty, guarantee, or any other protection regarding the use of ZURKER PROJECT, the use of information derived from ZURKER PROJECT. The user uses ZURKER PROJECT solely at his, her, or their own risk. Any usage of ZURKER PROJECT acknowledges that the user understands that the user is solely responsible for any consequences arising from usage, or lack thereof, of ZURKER PROJECT, not the OPERATORS.

  1. The OPERATORS shall not be held responsible or liable for any damages resulting directly or indirectly from a loss of information, misrepresented information, incorrect information, unavailability of information, unavailability of service, or other problem caused by ZURKER PROJECT, whatever the cause.
  2. The OPERATORS are not responsible nor liable for the erroneous transfer of information, the misrepresentation of information, or any other problematic handling of information which may be caused by, amongst other things, software malfunction, which in turn may have been caused by human error on the part of the OPERATORS and/or the OPERATORS’ representatives.
  3. The OPERATORS are not responsbile nor liable for any consequences which may or may not arise from a lack of communication from the OPERATORS and/or their representatives, or a failure to respond to communications by the OPERATORS and/or their representatives.
  4. The OPERATORS are not responsible or liable for the theft or unauthorized use of any information submitted to ZURKER PROJECT, or any theft or damages directly or indirectly resulting from the submission of information to ZURKER PROJECT.