Eight Months Pregnant

With a due date for Jasper of February 17, 2013, today marks the eight month mark of Carrie’s pregnancy. I haven’t been wise here; IIMG_6416 should’ve posted every week about what’s been happening with Jasper and how, now, his legs and body seem to have no room. He’s constantly kicking – he wants out, juuuust not quite, yet.

Last night the cat, dream seemed protective of both of them – Carrie was sleeping in the chair and Jasper was – and still is – inside. In likely reality, Dream had found a warm spot to snooze himself, but this guy kept waking him up taking pictures with his phone.

Visits to the birth center and meetings with a few different midwifes have been a success. There’s been no problems; the worst we heard was that Carrie needed to up her protein a little bit but blood pressure, baby heartbeat and growth of body and baby body is going fine.

I feel I should be able to come up with more to say but “We’re having a baby” covers an awful lot, doesn’t it? E & J seem pretty excited to have a little brother and that’s thrilling, too. Carrie thinks they’re unsettled, too, just because of impending big change; the same they would with any big change.

I, of course, worry about crazy stuff; the 1 in a million chance things. I’m completely unprepared for all the wonder that will filter through my brain and body. We did start buying a few things – car seat – and diaper bags. We got our first Jasper clothing from Aunt Kathy at Christmas. It’s super cute. We also gave Jasper jewelry out to people for Christmas. We think we’ve finalized the full name.

It’s happening. Sooner rather than later. Mom and Dad will be relieved.