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I had the better bed but I also had the greater loneliness.


Jasper Stark Introduces Himself to the World

We are so happy to see him. And so overwhelmed with gratitude.



UPDATED 19:26 with more and bigger pictures.




Spoon Nose and Pink Excitement


I think i posted here last time we crack a lacked it here at Baskin Robbins. That phrase Eddie blurted as we pulled up alongside each other at a turning lane: “Let’s crack-a-lackin.”


Love Carrie – 1st Anniversary

2012 was an amazing year and the busiest year of my life. Today is the one year anniversary of the most astoundingly great ideas I have ever had that came to fruition  last year – I married Carrie. It seemed like a good idea at the time – it seems like an even better idea now. (Thank you all for coming, it was so special but we didn’t get thank you letters / photos out – yet ) Sure, we’re still getting used to being a family and figuring out what’s important collectively and individually. It was not your typical first year of marriage – a few months into it, Carrie found out she was pregnant. It was something we planned for – we just didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. And somewhere between wedding and knowing about him – it will be a boy – we moved.

Little guys are growing, my life is fuller. We continue to grow together in so many ways. Love you babe.