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Quadcopters, Juggle, Pong and Ping

Saw this link from friend Matt Clower — and at first I didn’t know whether people were controlling them or they were responding themselves. That it’s on Model Airplane News should be a clue, of course – but turns out it’s not a clue at all. These machines quadcopters / quadrocopters ARE responding to the world around them.

The News Today

If you were one of the victims of this attack, can you imagine fearing the knowledge that the government just could’ve shut this down. This article doesn’t show that, yet. But it’s disconcerting. (NBC NEWS)

Killing Newborns, family asks for leniency. I cannot imagine having to ask for that in this case. Saying that judges come across as highly stupid wen they quote Focus on the Family to support their case. (ABC NEWS)

Head of the Air Force steps down, will retire because he couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to do in the job (FOX NEWS):

Digital Life sounds so cool, yet scary as well with its implications. And it comes from the Always Tried and True – aka AT & T:

Kanye West, I miss the guy who appeared on Wild N Out and was quick on his feet , funny and self-deprecating. He’ll probably be like that on SNL, too. He’s going to host ASAP (E-online) :

and from the sublimely ridiculous to the deadly serious. Largest AIDS vaccine study shuts down because it doesn’t work. Four steps back, though this study sounds incredibly creepy with all the DNA manipulation (Popular Science);

And this one about Einstein Theorizing:

Daddy’s Gonna Make Up a Lullaby

This morning was a slow start. I heard the alarm, didn’t associate it with anything like, say, getting up. Finally woke up around 6ish and Carrie asks if I want to snuggle with the baby. Sure do, got things to do, though. Get the other kids up for a start. Carrie said she’d take care of that, then said, oh and he hasn’t been changed since last night.

It was not too ugly in there, just piddles and I changed him and put some take-on-the-day
clothes on him. This double whammy agitation always gets him to cry even if I wasn’t inept at is as I was this morning. So I settled back down with him in my arms and started singing to him. I had about six verses, some of which fell apart as I sang, but these were the three best I sang. And I’m pleased to note, he went off to sleep.

Hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Daddy’s gonna make up a lullaby

There’s a funny squirrel sitting in a tree
He has a nut shouting “look at me.”
Everybody looks to see the sound
Silly squirrel gets shy and faints to the ground.

Hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Daddy’s gonna make up a lullaby

We’re sitting here, comfortable in bed
We have a lot of things to do instead
But we’re going to watch the world go by
That will happen whether you laugh or cry.

Hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Daddy’s gonna make up a lullaby

We’re up in space hanging around
Everyone’s telling us not to look down
We do anyway and what do we see
The entire world at your fee-fee-feee…t

Hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Daddy’s gonna make up a lullaby


Egg Boogaloo

Today Jasper left his enclosed world for good and is on his way to a world of daycare. It’s a shame that has to happen but who’s independently wealthy these days. And those who are, well they tend to be to busy and ignore their kids.

But it’s not a competition. It’s funny that everyone wants to say “he looks like you Carrie” or he “he looks like his daddy.” Truly truly truly he’s healthy, he’s smiling now and it doesn’t matter. He is lovely. He is going to be lovely, like his brothers.