Early on a Sunday

I’m awake. It’s 6:15. On a Sunday. This is slightly unprecedented. And by slightly I mean completely, when not involving an airplane. For Jack it’s a regular but I got up before him today. It wasn’t long before I heard something. It sounded like one of the cats was shutting the open dryer door. Instead, I walked around and saw Jack sitting cross-legged on two plastic storage boxes, Iron Man sunglasses and red Cars walkie talkie in hand. I so wanted a photo – but decided that would be one of those pictures that just stays inside.

“Good morning daddy.”  He thought I might be upset that he was on there. “Good morning, Jack. How are you?” “Great.” Kisses. “Keep going.”

My first instinct was to work a little, low-brain, time-intensive stuff. But then I realized I’ve been trying to write a few blog posts all week. It’s now 7:08 and Jackie has been in and out talking and playing. Jasper started wailing though I left the room with both mom and Jasper sleeping. I went in and saw the second sweet boy smile of the day. I’m still waiting for the third, but he’s not up, yet.

“Daddy … What?” (Sounding more gentle then it looks on the screen.) … I love you 61 times. Noo, 31 times. 61 has become his favorite number, he walks around telling people he will give them. 61 bucks. Yesterday he started correcting it to 31; I like to think he’s being more careful with his money .. but then he just said, “I love you 81 times.”

I actually woke up at 5:40. Went to the bathroom, got dressed and was headed out to wake up the kids ready for a work day when something clicked that it wasn’t a work day.

It’s 7:25 and Jack has now been sent to his room by mom – it easily could have been me – for complaining, loudly and poutily no one reads to him, continuing to flick a book’s pages even when being asked and then told to stop. He hit Jasper’s bouncy chair after making a special effort to walk around the table to do so.

I’m now watching the 1st episode of the 6th season of West Wing on my phone as I type. Mom and Jasper are now outside, enjoying the early morning coolness. The day has begun.