Helping Friends Move – Etiquette

I’ve moved a few times in my life – it’s usually the books and papers that make it really hard. I’ve had some help in Arizona. Down to Arizona; a van company that bilked us out of a few $1,000 before they would unload all my stuff. That was to Safford from Kent, Washington. I got there May 11th. All our stuff came later and they dumped it in the house. Then just four months later to Casa Grande. In October, when it was just as hot. Then to Eloy in ?? 2007?? To a house rented from Joe Meacham, fellow reporter. Then to 21st Avenue and Camelback. Then in 2010 to Scottsdale, 83rd Street & Chaparral. Then to our current location.

Mike Hamilton has helped with the chaos the last two times. So, he asked me – through Word With Friends chat – whether I could help him and his family move. I instantly said yes because of the help, before. the two flights of stairs almost made me regret the decision, but luckily we were NOT moving everything – just boxes. I got hot; the boxes were not heavy or huge as I have a tendency to make them. We cleared out the garage, as well. And unloading was much much easier and largely in the shade.

As always, the etiquette is to give back. To be there for friends. To pay back debts. It felt good to be able to give back.