Lego Exchange – Ways to Recycle, Reuse and Recreate

Re. Create.

So LEGOs are expensive – yup. They also don’t go in for much recycling at all of plastic, paper or anything. Which is surprising really, if true.

But that article links to and talks about PleyGo, a Play-As-You-Go monthly service that allows kids and parents to trade and rent out LEGOs. That’s pretty cool.

A second link at the same site talks about ReBrickable, a service doing much the same thing, though down to the single LEGO, if I’m reading it right. There’s also LEGOexchange, which isn’t a live site yet but I have to imagine is going to do something similar.


This is the last thing Eddie created out of LEGOS earlier this week.                                                               He called it the R-17 Scorpion “because of its sting.”