Replacing the Battery on a Buick Century

My battery could not be resuscitated this morning. After a short illness it died at 6:55 this morning.

I was trying to hold out until payday because these super-sucker, super-charged boxes are expensive $135.36). But it was not to be.¬†Ever since last Wednesday, (August 6), the future demise of the AAA battery has been “manifest destiny” personified. That’s when I stopped at the YMCA to drop off Bug for his swimming lesson (and to stay there with mom and Smacky). I went back out to the lot to drive away and get an Exersaucer (no really) (but damn not one that effing expensive) and the car just ticked at me when I turned the key. That’s when I remembered I’d turned on the internal lights a few days ago to check, uh, something. You’d think they’d just go off or something with doors closed but apparently some dim bulb put that design together.

But hooray, Carrie and I happened to be parked right next to each other. Yessss! This is when I also discovered or re-discovered that Carrie did not have jumper cables. Noooo!! Driving Carrie’s Equinox, I got them at Autozone- $29.99 for the 12-foot ones. This is “significant” because I then had to move Carrie’s car very close as, of course, the batteries were the furthest apart possible. I coulda got the 16′ ones for $39.99.

In the Arizona heat, I navigated exactly where to put the clamps on the very weird Chevy battery set up and got it going. I persevered and got the Exersaucer for Jasper to bounce around in. Side note, he was very excited and bouncy when he was put inside a couple of days later. Except I went to a Babies R Us that turned out not to be the right one where we had pre-ordered for pick-up. There’s a Toys R Us, less than a mile away from it that was the one I should’ve gone to. Both times, in both lots, it felt like the battery was not going to excite its electrons. But both times it grinded and grrrrinded away and lit the fire.

So the next day it did start, barely and that’s when I knew it would have to be replaced, soon. I didn’t turn off the car when dropping off Bug and it worked. The weekend, the car stayed in the driveway and I meant to start the car Sunday. But didn’t. So Monday, by some miracle I still can’t fathom it started. And after work, by some further miracle as it took at least two minutes to get it live and charged, and died twice as I thought I had it going, I was able to drive away. I hustled in and out of Fry’s after driving mostly home and it started up fine.

Not so much this morning.

I took Bug and Smacky to O’ Reilly’s with me. They decided they wanted every toy car in the place and a few other things. Nope. “Oh daddy, that battery is really expensive.” Yup. They got home and everyone drove away. It turns out I had all the right tools AND I knew where they were. The Buick Century manual DIDN’T actually show how to replace a battery. I was fine except I had forgotten the bottom screw actually held the battery in, so I went briefly to the Internet and with this Car Care Kiosk video, I realised my oversight.

I was in a hurry, so no photos available. I screwed everything back in place and it got me to work.

Welcome to the Super Start National Battery Ride to the End. Now I just have to go back to O’Reilly’s and bring my old battery in for $15. Sounds like a deal, because I don’t want it but I do want it disposed off so it won’t burn the hair off squirrels.