Creating and Adding Friends to Google+ Circles

Not as easy as it should be.

I got there but when I created “Playing Cards” it added 143 people. I thought, cool, how did it do that? Then I created Journalism’s Future Circle and I thought, uh-oh, it’s the same 143 and how did they get picked? Three minutes later I found out how to remove them from the group. I was just sticking within the Google + environment to figure it out; to see how helpful it was.

It’s not as easy as it should be (but already Facebook can suck it. :D )

It took a few clicks, pretty much anti-intuitive – to get to the page that helps: “Chose the people in “your circles.” This is where I first found out about how to create circles. Then I had to guess and click on “Learn more about circles” to see a link to “Removing people from your circles.” The first instruction baffled me for a little bit: 1. Place your cursor in the top left corner for the Google+ main menu. Click People.” I didn’t really have an idea where the main menu was, having tried to navigate around Google + exactly zero seconds.

At this point I saw a Discover tab which I hoped to go to soon and at this point I wondered why Google had thought adding 143 people – all of my contacts with Google+ accounts – was a good idea. Especially when I then realized that I would have to delete them out of the circle ONE BY ONE. Or delete the circle, which I didn’t want to do for fear it would say it was a duplicate or mess things up further.

I got lost for a little while adding classmates to Following or Acquaintances or friends – just a handful. I found someone who owes me money – about $900 for rent in college.

That discover tab is pretty pointless. It points you to celebrity and big names, thus perpetuating their celebrity and bigness but not actually being useful. You’d think with all their algorithm expertise they could search better to help find better people. You know, like they do with ads in your Gmail inbox.

So, adding people to Circles is NOT as easy as it could be. It could be because of the subjects I chose, Playing Cards and Journalism’s Future. I concentrated my efforts on the first one and I found companies, but harder to find people. I did not just friend anyone who mentioned paying cards, but those who I thought would enjoy and even benefit from any news and posts I did about paying cards. And vice versa; I didn’t want to hear from people in that group unless it was about playing cards. One reason – I didn’t know who the hell they were and I have enough information on board.

Meanwhile, though I like the idea of hangouts – and the page that says which ones are LIVE RIGHT NOW, they occupy way too much real estate on my Google Plus page. I want them to disappear and just be a tab at the top, because honestly, they do not need to be there.

[edited for typos 10/10/2013]