Content Marketing Doesn’t Work for All Businesses

I left this comment on a piece about shorter news articles online in the comments, in reference to another which said the author was speaking as a content marketer, not a journalist. The author of the piece, is former journalist Kevin Delaney, now editor-in-chief of Quartz.

Content Marketers recommend longer pieces, as well. But most content marketing is meant for businesses to have a bigger and broader and better and more informational footprint for search engines to grab onto. Delaney here speaks more toward the consumption of news, which is different. As even the limited – so far – comments so far indicate though, his approach is too black and white.

I did like Delaney’s idea of beats being outmoded and journalists should follow their “obsessions” though hopefully he didn’t mean as fanbois or fangyrls. I’ve never read the site (until today when I glanced few a few articles) but someone who has read it says the shorter approach often leaves gaps and too many questions unanswered.

So there’s obviously a correct middle ground no one’s perfected, yet. Unless you’re just talking about “what appeals to the most people.” However, that’s never a good road to go down unless $$$ is your dole objective.

Just looking at the homepage by the way, I can scan just as easily on or or and then click on links from there I’m interested in. Except the range of choices is much less. And where’s the original reporting. The blurbs just point to other, um, longer articles on the subject.

I’ll read more over the next few days to see if that initial “what’s the point” impression chnages.”