Where to Start for Mac Game Controllers

I’m just getting into Steam,. I purchased Tomb Raider through Steam and tried out a couple of games. The very first game I tried via Steam was the Trine 2 Demo. I could do nothing but move left and right. After playing Limbo (downloaded via iTunes) I’m wondering whether that was intentional but it certainly didn’t appear to be that way.

Still, there’s nothing absolutely clear about whether controllers are best, needed or whether any would work. With Tomb Raider, again there’s nothing solid in the game or on Steam that indicates what would be best or what would work.

Yeah, I’m no gamer. These games are part of my delayed satisfaction lifestyle, where I play many games about a decade after everyone else. And the other clue would be that, yeah, I don’t have a game controller, yet.

Today, I took the first step toward finding out more about how to use a game controller for my Fairly new MacBook Pro. I searched “Mac Game Controller” and this article, “How to use a game controller with your Mac” popped up at Macworld.com

At first the article seemed too specific, as it talked about using a Playstation 4 controller. But it gets good below the Bluetooth screenshot, starting, “Speaking of which, a word about compatibility.”

The article talks about the randomness of games that do or do not recognize joysticks and controllers. The solution to helping bridge this problem is Chibata Creations Joystick Mapper – joystickmapper.com.

“With it you assign functions to the controller’s joystick or buttons. These generally come in the form of mouse movements or keystrokes. For example, you might assign the Mac’s W key to the forward motion of the left joystick and the Fire function to the controller’s O button.”

At $5 it’s worth a try even if it doesn’t work. But this highly esteemed site is saying it does. So, bonus. Another solution, at $25 is Controller Mate.

Of course, the next logical question is, are there more-native Mac controllers that do not require all this extra diddling around.

PS, search for Mac demos via Steam is to search for “demo” then narrow it down to Mac OS X. The ones with Demo in the title definitely have downloadable demos and many of the ones that show up do as well – but not all.