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Creating the Best Crispy Stir Fry

A few weeks ago I made a stir fry with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies we’d had probably two years. 

It was bitten by ice, and was a massive pile of ice and sad looking beans, carrots, baby corn etc. 

I made it salvageable with sauce but it was a low point if stir fry creations. 

Tonight was one of the highlights.

These are the elements of a quality stir fry.

I fried up tofu separate for a delicious nice crisp, light-crunch texture.

Also included:

Slices of red bell pepper

Onion, previously diced – about 3/4 of a cup


Baby squash

Sliced bamboo

Bok Choy


Snap peas

I put smaller amounts of things in the mix than I usually might. And I   cooked things separately, like the tofu in sesame oil and the zucchini too.

Downloaded iOS 10

I remember when the Mac OS X was a big thing. So far the changes just seem unnecessary and the Home Automation app has gone into a folder of disuse. 

Let’s see what else I find. 

Whew Seahawks win

12-10 win after missed Extra Point following a go-ahead finesse pass with 30 seconds left in the game.

Mouthy 3-year-old

Jasper, 3, just told me to “shutyour  frickin’ mouth idiot.” This was after I told Eddie he had a coupleminutes left on playing a computer game. Except for the last word this is hilarious.

I said he would either be King of Trash Talking or beat up a lot. Idiot is a word we definitely don’t encourage. 




One more “I” word I can’t remember right now. 

Those are Jasper’s great I words. He also regularly uses “legendary” which is indeed legendary.

Love this kid. :)

Karma Waters

If I sailed in karma waters everyone I know would drown in the tsunami. 

Ying. Yang.

Karma waters. Calmer waters. 

Whohooh. Daddy.

I’m in the bathroom and Jack comes up to the door and says, “Whoohoooh. Daddy, guess what the Great White Shark knocked the mosquito out of first place.” 

Who can guess what they’re watching?

UPDATE: I forgot to note that sharks are Jack’s favorite thing in the whole world so it was a super big deal. 

I had a dream

The first time Jasper said, I had a dream was today, September 3. He said, after waking up from his nap:

“I had a dream that we were in an airplane. And you flew and Jackie flew and Eddie and I flew and mommy too. I don’t know where we were going.”

Superhero Jack

Sung in the car by me:

Jackie boy is a superhero
And your brother too
Jackie boy is a superhero
And if he can he’ll save you. 

Whew – Blog no longer broken

Now let’s see what I’m gonna do with it.