Creating the Best Crispy Stir Fry

A few weeks ago I made a stir fry with a bag of frozen stir fry veggies we’d had probably two years. 

It was bitten by ice, and was a massive pile of ice and sad looking beans, carrots, baby corn etc. 

I made it salvageable with sauce but it was a low point if stir fry creations. 

Tonight was one of the highlights.

These are the elements of a quality stir fry.

I fried up tofu separate for a delicious nice crisp, light-crunch texture.

Also included:

Slices of red bell pepper

Onion, previously diced – about 3/4 of a cup


Baby squash

Sliced bamboo

Bok Choy


Snap peas

I put smaller amounts of things in the mix than I usually might. And I   cooked things separately, like the tofu in sesame oil and the zucchini too.