At the (Movie Theater) Bar: Beasts

We are at the AMC movie theater with Kiran, Ellis, Eddie, Jack and Jasper. to see, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”

Here’s where we found one.

[Update later that day] – So that beast couldn’t sit through the whole movie without moving around the theater. First he climbed into the row in front of us. 

An empty row.

And while many of us reclined the seats fully and kicked our feet up Jasper went down to the row prsssing the buttons to recline every single seat.

He started walking around the empty area at the side and calmly walked up to the emergency exit door. He stopped, reached up and hit the Handicapped button letting a flood of light in. 

That brought a movie theater attendent in to check out what was going on. To the best of my knowledge Jasper did not bring any of his toddler buddies.