Rogue One Movie – The Pain With Carrie Fisher’s Last Line

Days after Carrie Fisher died at 60 of a heart attack her last line about hope can be taken several ways   But my first reaction was, hmm I guess not. 

It was poignant and incredibly sad to hear that, knowing both she and her mother died in the same week. As people contonually find out, sometimes “hope” just doesn’t carry the day – especially when that’s all that you’ve got.

I like movies with a lot of story so I really liked this one. I might watch Return of the Jedi sometime soon (this year), as well. It basically explains why there was such a massive flaw in the Death Star. And the body count of StormTroopers is high. Very high. 

We all saw the movie today with Mom at the Regal Cinema in Oceanside (screen 11, 3D) and enjoyed it.