Monthly Archives: February 2017

Bigger, Higher Bed Move

Jasper, what’s it like now you’re in a big bed?

Jasper as of this evening moved out of his crib / bed where he’s slept all his life and moved into the lower bunk. The “bigger bed” he’s been wanting for awhile. 

Except being the nearly 4-year-old contrarian that he is he protested mightily that he didn’t want that bed. Jack did the same thing moving up from the bottom bunk to the top bunk.

“Ittttttttt’s like watching TV amd wrapping presents.”

Jasper then proceeded to act like he was on meth, speed, green bullets – any kind of stimulant or all kinds. He started singing jingle farts and then his butt provided the chorus.

Eddie is on the floor in a sleepimg bag at least one more night until we find the twin bed mattress. 

Love these kids.

It’s a Long Way Home

I slipped under the sheet at 11:49 in the same worn bed. In a new bedroom with a new soft light glowing on the walls. 

We’ve moved and after many hours and one final trip for medicine and toiletries in the 10 o clock hour I kissed my bride good night and relaxed in the bathroom. 

And I had a bath. I don’t think I owned a smartphone the last time I had a bath. No maybe that’s not true. At our house on Magdalena I think we attempted one. But it was too small for the likes of us so it was short. 

The cats are wandering around, clearly  befuddled and bemused. And meowing loudly and climbing in cupboards and elsewhere.

The dog is taking it in stride. We ate Wendy’s chicken sandwiches and nuggets and drank lemonade and unsweetened iced tea. Our three boys are randomly patterned in sleeping bags in their new home. 

There is still much to do; essentially to go get the clutter. Right now our house is sparsely, wonderfully, barren. A large house with vaulted ceilings. A house I don’t hit my head on chandeliers and low door frame tops. A house with hallways I can walk down without turning my body. 

A house of opportunity and restarting. 


Today Jack G pitched

Jack pitched his first inning in NYS baseball today. He was more in control than some of the pitchers we tried. 

But first coach said he was going to pitch in the third inning. Standing up there though he got intimidated and wouldn’t pitch. That’s alright. 

After they got off the field I told him that the first time doing ANYTHING is always hard and that whatever happened I’d be proud of him. Since he tends to get a little down on himself when it doesn’t go exactly according to his wishful thinking plans, I also told him that he is going to miss and he is going to get balls but he’ll also get strikes. I told him to just work with his catcher and have fun. 

Turns out that’s exactly what happened. His first pitch was a good one and someone got a little bloop hit; enough to get on first base. Later, after there was already  two outs, someone hit it up. And it was easily catchable. But being young kids and three people going for it at once nobody did. And then when someone had secured the ball and could have got the third out perhaps he just held onto the ball (which happens a lot).

But he was definitely having fun. I got a ton of pictures. Most important, it seemed, was that he went back out there and overcame those initial nerves. 

That was a blast and I got tons of photos, which I will add later.