It’s a Long Way Home

I slipped under the sheet at 11:49 in the same worn bed. In a new bedroom with a new soft light glowing on the walls. 

We’ve moved and after many hours and one final trip for medicine and toiletries in the 10 o clock hour I kissed my bride good night and relaxed in the bathroom. 

And I had a bath. I don’t think I owned a smartphone the last time I had a bath. No maybe that’s not true. At our house on Magdalena I think we attempted one. But it was too small for the likes of us so it was short. 

The cats are wandering around, clearly  befuddled and bemused. And meowing loudly and climbing in cupboards and elsewhere.

The dog is taking it in stride. We ate Wendy’s chicken sandwiches and nuggets and drank lemonade and unsweetened iced tea. Our three boys are randomly patterned in sleeping bags in their new home. 

There is still much to do; essentially to go get the clutter. Right now our house is sparsely, wonderfully, barren. A large house with vaulted ceilings. A house I don’t hit my head on chandeliers and low door frame tops. A house with hallways I can walk down without turning my body. 

A house of opportunity and restarting.