Bigger, Higher Bed Move

Jasper, what’s it like now you’re in a big bed?

Jasper as of this evening moved out of his crib / bed where he’s slept all his life and moved into the lower bunk. The “bigger bed” he’s been wanting for awhile. 

Except being the nearly 4-year-old contrarian that he is he protested mightily that he didn’t want that bed. Jack did the same thing moving up from the bottom bunk to the top bunk.

“Ittttttttt’s like watching TV amd wrapping presents.”

Jasper then proceeded to act like he was on meth, speed, green bullets – any kind of stimulant or all kinds. He started singing jingle farts and then his butt provided the chorus.

Eddie is on the floor in a sleepimg bag at least one more night until we find the twin bed mattress. 

Love these kids.