Monthly Archives: March 2020

Biden Won Hearts and Minds, Fails Purity Tests

So once we get past that anyone but Sanders is “the establishment” used as an insult, we can reset and heal as a party. And a force for good.

At least in my mind, there are SO MANY policy goals that overlap between Sanders and the Democratic Party that we can jettison the most nastily partisan of both sides and get down to actually improving people’s lives. Once we get past Sanders, period, there is a lot that can be done without destroying the only political party that actually, currently, stands in the way of Republican chaos culture. (Which is odd when you think that conservatives used to like very little to change, but they now think breaking systems down is the only way to get better. Odd right?

Biden? He’s definitely my choice now. But he was not my first choice by a long shot. And that’s OK, because progress is a thing, even if it’s not as much as you want it. Civil Rights protesters managed to deal with that reality. And their case for justice was far more clear.

We have people and forces like Chapo Trap House who at least forthrightly say they are not part of the Democratic Party so feel no obligation to support it. I tried listening to some of their shows. They’d sound reasonable right up until the point where they didn’t; where they’d throw out insults just because they knew their usual listeners needed it. They were prisoners of expectation, too. Except far less sympathetic.

Many of these purists = who I do not think of the same as idealists – they just whine and bloviate and offer no solutions beyond adding poison to the conversation and, yes, support Sanders you [insert insult eagerly here]. How thoroughly convincing.

Let’s see what they next few months bring. Hopefully sanity and compassion. And an actual functioning president, other than the Oval Office occupier we have now.