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Cider Tipples On Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, I tweeted:

I grew up in England. When I was legally able to drink, I turned to cider first. In earlier teen years, I had tippled other weird liquors from my parents cabinet and tried the occasional Heineken from my dad’s alcohol stash. But cider was what I’d drink in the pubs, which I visited more for the snooker than to pull birds or a pint.

Woodpecker and Blackthorn were the ones I drank; I think primarily because my dad had those, as well.

And then I came to America and pretty much forgot about them. And I was stuck for two years not “legally” being able to drink. I did not drink much of anything; then moved mostly toward Jack and coke and cocktails at the club – always willing to try something new or recommendations.

And in the last three years or so beer and particularly craft beers and developing my tastes has come to the forefront.

But obviously the idea of a good cider never dies. I guess I need to call it hard cider, but by this time, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen it more in the stores and one day I wanted something lighter than beer but not juice. So I picked up a Strongbow. In a can it’s just not as good. I had a (smaller American) pint of Strongbow at the George and Dragon pub in Phoenix a few years ago but that wasn’t as good as I remembered either.

So the other day I Tweeted out that I had found a cider contender. Redd had less sweet, more dry. Crispin and Angry Orchard just were too sickly sweet (for my tastes, obviously).

Micah Silke tweeted back that he had found a dry cider in Oregon while on honeymoon, called Citizen. Quite fortuitously the company that makes Citizen joined in on the conversation. Carlton Cyderworks first favorited and then RTed our brief conversation and then when I asked about availability in Arizona, joined in, saying, unfortunately no at the moment. but it was available in the Seattle area. I have family there so – score, there’s a chance.

I followed @carltoncyderworks. And then something quite wonderful happened. Twitter started recommending all these other cider companies. Sweet. Or rather, hopefully, not-sweet.

So I can and will put them in a Twitter list. i noticed they were almost exclusively in the Northwest (I later found Santa Sidra cider from New Mexico (so I should be able to find that in AZ, right? No according to the site :| ). Other than the easy availability of apples, I wondered why that was the case?

But these are the ones I followed and if you have any recommendations and experience with these, I’d love to hear them. (Include whether you prefer sweet or dry, if you can):

Tieton Cider Works – @tietoncider (bonus, their Twitter image has bottlecaps, which i collect).
Red Tank cider – @redtankcider
Cider Monger – @cidermonger (not a brand but cider news.)
Cider Riot! – @CiderRiot
2 Towns Ciderhouse – @2townscider
Anthem Cider – @anthemcider
Schilling Cider – @schillingcider
Whitewood Cider – @wwcider
Portland Cider Co. – @portlandcider
Rev Nat’s Hard Cider – @revnatscider
Alpenfire Cider – @alpenfirecider
Bull Run Cider – @bullrunciderllc
Bushwhacker Cider – @bushwhckr
Snowdrift Cider Co. – @snowdriftcider
Fox-Tail Cider – @foxtailcider

I made a Ciders Twitter list – Ciders – to keep track


Top 10 Draft Beer locales

So thirst. Papago Brewing makes an entrance and hits the list.

Draft Mag

So thirsty.


Thanksgiving 2012 at BS Ranch

After launching a few rocket balloons, some getting stuck in trees and watching Uncle Ricky Rat and Shayla come back on their half hour quad trip I am just now sitting down with pecan pie and some delicious cake called Thanksgiving Dump, enjoying the rapidly cooling Punkin Center evening.

I’m listening to the chattering conversation of wife’s family and people I don’t know, with the sound of plastic bat baseball down below me and just now relaxing. Just now. A good day. Here’s a few photos from the day.







Sushi A No-No

Yesterday we went to a sushi place in Scottsdale after Carrie picked me up at work. I want to go back

Egg Omelet, Philadelphia Roll, Rainbow Roll, Spicy Tuna. All chosen to be happy for younger palates. Carrie and I ate too many bites. Eddie and Jack didn’t eat enough. And Eddie REALLY objected to the idea and quietly and stubbornly faced away from the table. When he wasn’t doing that he was playing and dunking his nigiri-sushi in soy sauce. And dunking. And dunking. And dunking. Added tension to what could have been a fun experience. We knew things weren’t going to go well when Eddie didn’t want to bite into the culinary adventure and abject horror that is … a spring roll.


Mostly there was a kid having a bad day, who stayed silent and heard no a lot. It happens, unfortunately. Jack, too, didn’t eat much though he got into the egg omelet later. But he didn’t seem to be having a whole lot of fun, separate from the food at the table.

It was complicated.


Things I Drank Today

No water. I rinsed my toothbrush with vodka ;-)

At Work
Vidration Vitamin Enhanced Fruitpunch flavored water
Bolthouse Farms Blue Goodness (not their best flavor, thought I would like it more)
Numi Organic Tea (moroccan mint (damn good).

Gummy Get Well – Good kids’ Vitamins

No idea if we sell, them, but they’re tasty. Tried a few earlier today. Worm and bear gummies, wit fiber or multivitamin:

Gummy Get Well™.

Frozen Mountains of Gelato and Ice Cream

Call it enforced research. I’m eating ice cold and soft things due to wisdom teeth removal and the $$$ that went into my mouth.

It’s tender. It aches. It’s not as bad I thought it might be. It is still bleeding slightly, even now at the end of Friday.

Ice cream.
Frozen yogurt.

The basics.

I ate three pints yesterday on a day off. I’ve drunk more water today and only had two.

One of those I downed today was a pint of a quite delicious “non-dairy frozen dessert” that I didn’t know was non-dairy. Made from cashew nut milk, it’s pretty damn good and rich. Made by Organic Nectars, I had the Cherry Chocolate Chunk (and just sort of swallowed the small chunks without chewing). Note I’m pretty sure we don’t sell it at Sprouts, where I work. Have absolutely no idea if we will or not. But it’s good…

So the research comes because, as well I do freelance work, and I will likely be designing some gelato labels. It’s on spec with a different department right now, but ….

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